I have just completed three private yoga lessons with Wendy Akune. I initially began attending her weekly class at SFU, and felt immediately comfortable in her presence and confident in her ability to support students of all levels. 

I came to Wendy's yoga class with some trepidation, due to negative past experiences in other yoga classes and concerns about how to support myself effectively and safely after recovering from a motor vehicle accident. Wendy immediately addressed my concerns, and we made arrangements for me to take part in some private lessons with her. She communicated with the vestibular physio I have been working with as part of my MVA recovery program before I began private lessons with her, allowing me to have a sense of confidence and support right from the start. She has taught me ways to adapt and modify poses during group classes as well as given me a range of exercises and poses to work on independently at home.

Wendy has a most welcoming and calming manner, which provides a strong atmosphere of encouragement, trust and strength. Her high level of expertise in both the practice and teaching of yoga have given me the opportunity to come away from every lesson with an increasing faith in my own ability to practise a modified, successful version of yoga. I feel vast gratitude and appreciation for that experience. 

~ K. Robinson March 9, 2019


Thank you! I was hoping for some one-on-one classes to help me learn the best poses for growing bone for osteoporosis as well as learning how to do the poses properly.

Your classes were perfect --exactly what I was looking for.  

Each class had different poses, but reinforced the previous classes.  You helped me with ways to remember how to do the poses, and how to remember to do them properly. When I couldn't remember a pose you patiently helped me with it again.  

And you were great to incorporate some creative "add-ons" to help the poses work especially for my needs.

I only wish I lived in Vancouver and could come to your classes regularly.

Thanks very much,

~Tessa  May 1, 2018


I love the afternoon cardio and strengthening class with Nevada. She is a terrific teacher who keeps the class upbeat and fun. I feel like I’ve had a good workout and have strengthened  muscles that I don’t always use. It’s a wonderful addition to a yoga class.

~ Patricia Carlton   February 28, 2018

Last week I went to Wendy's morning yoga class with a very painful knot near my right shoulder blade from playing very hard tennis the day before. I usually have to roll on a tennis ball or have a massage, but after a 75 minute class the knot had completely disappeared. I was really amazed at this as it disappeared after only one class.

Other days, I will arrive at Yoga very stiff from competitive tennis and long-distance running and I leave the class very relaxed and completely restored.

~ Catherine Mead   March 1, 2018

I love yoga - Wendy's yoga!!  I am 73 and have been to many different yoga groups over the years but Wendy's classes meet my needs better than any of the others.  Yoga is very "in" today which is a good thing but some of the classes offered in the community are very impersonal - the teacher comes in, does a class and leaves. These teachers know nothing about the people  in their classes. This is not what Wendy's classes offer.

Wendy is truly caring, she makes an effort to get to know each of us. There is never any pressure - she teaches us to listen to our bodies. Her soft voice and her teaching style lulls me into a peaceful place. I can go into class feeling stressed but always leave feeling calm and grounded.  I like having the consistency of one teacher - for the hour, I just close my eyes and my body follows. Wendy's classes are never boring and she teaches skills I use to survive and enjoy my daily life.  I have a fractured back and a 50% compression of lumbar one.  Advil kills the pain but better still I can do 3 - 4 minutes of stretching that Wendy taught me and the pain is gone.

Thank you, Wendy, for all you continue to give me.

~ Renee Hefti - Graham    October 6, 2015

As a senior, I have really enjoyed and benefited from Wendy's lovely gentle way of teaching yoga. I have learned many poses and stretches that I have never thought possible ,which have helped my balance and posture. But most importantly she has taught me how to relax and breathe, and find serenity that has effected my every day activities as well as the quality of my sleep. This has been a life changer for me.

~ Jeannie Yates   July 22, 2015 

As I age, I feel the need to keep vital, have flexibility and both inner and outer strength.  This is the reason I decided to “try” yoga.  I was fortunate to learn of a yoga class close to where I live and to meet Wendy.  Wendy provides a wonderful yoga class which meets my needs and I look forward to attending each class.  

It is now going on three years since I first took up yoga and find it most helpful. Wendy encourages us to work at our own pace and I never feel any pressure. Her attention to breath and explanation of how certain poses help our body has been most helpful. I was skeptical as to how useful yoga would be for an exercise program but now I am a believer.  Wendy is kind and caring and very much meets my needs for total mind and body fitness.

Many thanks Wendy.  

~ Jean    July, 2015

We have attended Yoga classes with Wendy for  years.  During that time we have enjoyed her teaching which is clear and flows beautifully from one position to another. She encourages everyone in the class to achieve their potential without strain or stress and if an individual needs attention, she is there with a few quiet suggestions. For those of us 55 and beyond Wendy’s teaching could not be surpassed. If there was a five star award system in Yoga she would merit a six.

Thank you Wendy,

~ Francis   July 14, 2015

I found Wendy's +55 classes on a posterboard in Mount Pleasant and bookmarked it for my 55th birthday. :)

I came to work on overall body stiffness and a nagging knee problem and was happily surprised that, on top of gift of easing movement, Wendy's classes helped me reconnect to my whole body and remember that I can still learn. I can gently change and soften.

The journey of my life since turning 50 is toward peace. I am deepening into my own peaceful self and body thanks in great part to Wendy. I adore her!

~ Jane   July 9, 2015

To Whom It May Concern :

I have had the great fortune to have Wendy Akune as my Yoga Instructor for the past 5 years. I have attended her classes both at Brock Houses and the Flamenco Studio on 4th and Alma.

As a former teacher/Principal, I value Wendy's professionalism.  She always has the room ready for her students and she, herself is prepared, with a written lesson plan and any readings she may use in the session.  She teaches to her students' abilities, giving alternatives for those who need it. She ensures all her students' needs are being met and will gently make adjustments if needed. 

 She's very knowledgeable and seems to always know just what to suggest to perfect the pose.

Wendy has a lovely nature, with a beautiful , welcoming smile. Her voice is calm and clear and she uses precise but simple directions to teach a new position. She always portrays a caring and nurturing spirit towards her students. I always feel so much better for attending Wendy's class.  I have no hesitation in fully recommending her Yoga Practise.


~ Lee-Ann Mulrooney   July 12, 2015

My sister Christine and I started Wendy’s yoga class last September, 2014. Each lesson is well prepared and appropriate for “beginners”. Her demonstration and explanation of poses and exercises are easy to follow. Soft background music is relaxing and suitable for meditation. She is attentive to each student and is discreet when correcting them. Christine and I enjoy the lessons and find them beneficial to our mental and physical wellness. We recommend Wedy as a yoga teacher for any age group level. 

~ Kaz Yoshida

I consulted Wendy Akune because I had been gaining weight for several years, despite what I thought of as a healthy life-style. Wendy had been my yoga teacher since 2010, and I knew her to be gentle, clear and very well-informed.  I was sure she would be the same in her capacity as a nutritionist, and I was not disappointed.

Wendy had me fill out a detailed questionnaire, and followed that up with still more questions. By the time we met, she had developed a set of recommendations that I could manage – she even prioritized them for me!  I came back to Wendy with a myriad of questions, but by the end of the third session I felt confident about what to eat and how to eat to feel satisfied.   

A year later and I am still happily following Wendy’s suggestions. I’ve lost the weight I wanted to lose, and other things, like arthritis, have also improved.  Wendy did particular research into my ‘restless legs’ (Willis-Ekbom disease) and those symptoms have been greatly reduced.  

You’ve heard testimonials about ‘improved mood’ and ‘feeling great’?  Well, this is one of them!

~ Merry Wood, Ph.D.   January 29, 2015

I am a 60 year old with arthritis in my neck and lower back. A year ago, the physiotherapist recommended yoga to me. When I started Wendy’s Gentle Yoga classes, I had no experience with any type of exercise class. I was concerned that I would not be able to do the yoga postures and would feel uncomfortable and unsuccessful. When she presented yoga postures, she suggested modifications that made me and the other students feel safe with the yoga. Yes! The class is truly gentle yoga !!! The time in the yoga sessions go so quickly. I am surprised when the session is finished. After one month my neck and back have more flexiblity. I notice that my posture is better when I walk. I recommend that you attend a session and see for yourself.


~Stephanie Bloodworth

Dear Wendy,                                                                                       

 A few weeks ago I overexerted myself by doing way too much gardening (pruned  shrubbery, raked and cleaned up leaves, clippings and dried needles, power-washed my large patio and retaining wall, and even my patio furniture and plant containers) in less than 3 hours. This is not to boast. In fact it was so foolish to have done this, but I had only that much time that day to complete all of this work and so I pushed myself.

This caused a bulging disc which was excuriatingly painful. My doctor said rest was most important as part of the treatment and I also took 5 anti-infammatory tablets. I also continued my yoga classes and coincidently you focused on our back that first day. I was able to do the movements and the exercises, and I feel my yoga helped to relieve me of the spasm in my back and it helped to relieve me of the pain in my leg and now I’m fine again. I even began dragon-boating two weeks ago. Practicing yoga breathing, along with performing the positions and movements are most helpful for a correct paddling technique, and of course benefit me in my everyday life. 

In fact I’m paddling in an event this weekend!

Thanks Wendy…I can’t say enough for the benefits of yoga practice, and your conscientious and individualized style of teaching. For this I have much gratitude. See you in class.

 Warm Regards,

~ Shirley

I’m delighted to have the possibility to write a testimonial about Wendy’s three weeks detox program, in which I participated in May. Wendy’s guidelines are sound, balanced and not too difficult to follow.  Rather than a “miraculous” or dramatic and overly restrictive or monotonous diet, Wendy suggests a way to gently detox and replenish the body with essential, balanced and well chosen nutrients found in a large variety of natural and wholesome foods. 

I also enjoyed the format with which Wendy presented her program. The first session was packed with information, the two other ones were also very informative but more centered on group discussions, which I found very helpful and interesting.  And Wendy’s on-going private e-mail support was great.

The program gave me a sense of accomplishment (yes! I could do it and I finished it without cheating too many times). I felt great after the three weeks and it inspired me to take it a step further and explore ways to lead a healthier and more harmonious life for as long as I can.

Thank you Wendy!

~Marianne Grover

Wendy’s nutrition course corrected many of my misconceptions about food, as well as my diet. Her training style is accessible to all. I’m sure I will be healthier and happier as a result of implementing what I learned in Wendy’s course.

~ Bennet Cohen

During the week nutrition class, Wendy shared her knowledge with mindfulness and passion; she was talking from her heart and her personal experience and lifestyle too. She made the class interactive and alive and really raised the students awareness about their relationship with food and the impact on our body and mind.

~ Valerie, Switzerland.

Wendy’s approach and food intake diary inspired me to experiment and eventually transform negative eating habits. I used to force myself to eat until I felt completely full, now I am getting a nourishing diet and better digestion through new empowering food intake habits.

Thanks Wendy!

~ Poncho Cottier

The course helped me gain insight on my not so good habits of consuming stimulants such as black tea. I was able to understand the importance of a good balanced diet and to dispel myths around animal proteins and calcium intake. As a result of the course, I’ve decided to become vegan for the next 6 months and hopefully long term!

Thank you!

~ Verusca Calabria, Oral Historian, London UK.

Wendy is an illuminating and engaging teacher. Her knowledge of nutrition spreads far beyond vitamins and minerals and calorie intake to our relationship with food, our environment and our bodies. I would highly recommend Wendy in her capacity as both a nutritionist and a teacher.

~ Bec May

Dear Wendy,

You are such a natural I really enjoyed your energy & having you lead our class. I had no expectations coming into this class and you managed to educate me with new knowledge and keep me centred with a loving teaching technique. I hope to continue learning, so expect news from me in the future. You changed my outlook and for that I am truly grateful. I wish you much success, happiness, health and sweet fruit in the future.

~ Love Gillian