Absolute Beginner Yoga


If you have heard the yoga-hype and are curious, but hesitant, this is the class for you. This class will help to de-mystify yoga. You will learn why effective breathing and relaxation are so vital to your health. You will also practice meditation and learn the principles for proper alignment in basic yoga postures. 

 You will leave with:

  • improved strength, flexibility and balance

  • greater body awareness

  • a basic understanding of yogic principles and terms

  • a sense of peace and relaxation

Yoga 55+


Learn to move your body safely with proper alignment and fluidly within joint range.

Flexibility and strength help us to move more freely in our daily life. The good news: flexibility and strength can be honed, over time and with practice. Along with improvements in endurance and flexibility, this class will improve coordination, balance and focus. If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere where all levels are welcome, this class is for you. This class is suitable for anyone who is:

  • wishing to improve their general well-being

  • wanting to improve or maintain joint health

  • looking for a class that is more slowly paced, but still includes strengthening poses


Yoga for Strong Bones and Body


This class is based on the study, (2015) Twelve-Minute Daily Yoga Regimen Reverses Osteoporotic Bone Loss.Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation, 00(0)1-7.,  which suggests that yoga may be a safe and effective way to reverse bone loss that has reached the stages of osteoporosis and osteopenia. While more research is needed in terms of bone growth, we do know that by practicing yoga you will gain strength, better coordination, greater range of motion and improved balanced and gait.

This class will be adapted so that it is suitable for most levels and abilities. 

Restorative Yoga


Are you interested in a class that helps to relax your nervous system, thus decreasing blood pressure and releasing chronically held tension? This class consists of gentle floor stretches (no standing poses) and restorative poses.  A key component of Restorative Yoga is cultivating the habit of awareness to restore the nervous system.  This class is suited for anyone who is:

  • feeling weary from the pace of life and is looking for a way to care for themselves

  • looking to learn a relaxing style of yoga that strengthens the nervous system

  • looking to learn yoga postures in a slower paced class

  • wanting to improve focus and mindfulness

Stretch & Release


This class is perfect as you wind your day down. Long, busy days or hours spent at the desk can tire and strain your body. You will be invited to create a sense of spaciousness and of “slowing down” into your body. While strengthening and stretching coexist in many poses, this class will emphasize releasing held tension.

This class will include:

  • longer held positions

  • gentle movements

  • some standing, floor and seated work

  • meditation and breath work

Private Yoga


Private yoga sessions are classes that come to you and are completely focused on YOU. 

Public yoga classes are certainly not for everyone.  Depending on the kind of learner you are, you may prefer to have a class that allows for more discussion, more questions, more time spent on you.  In a private yoga session, I will take into account personal injuries, illness, disabilities and lifestyle and cater the class to your specific needs and wants.

Prviate yoga sessions are ideal if:

  • you are coming to yoga with a specific health concern or goal that you would like to address

  • you are a couple or a small group who prefer to have a teacher come to you

  • you are time crunched and having a teacher come to you makes a yoga practice feasible

  • you would like the opportunity for questions and hands on instruction before you start at public classes

Private yoga sessions are different from public classes because they are centred around you! All you need is a bit of space for a yoga mat. Contact me for a free consultation.

Nutritional Consulting


Each and every one of us contains a biochemistry that is unique. Determining which foods are biochemically supportive for you is imperative to making positive changes for your mental and physical health.  Nutritional coaching is more than education because changing eating habits is hard!  Work with me to meet your goals.

Nutritious food has the power to transform your life. 

Some foods hurt us, while other foods nourish us. What is healthy for me may not be healthy for you. Each and every one of us contains a biochemistry that is unique. Determining which foods are biochemically supportive for you is imperative to making positive changes for your mental and physical health. 

Nutritional coaching is more than education. Changing engrained eating habits can be very challenging. 

Together we will uncover what is holding your health back and look at your individual concerns and goals.  While education is a valuable piece, it is often not enough to create change. I will also provide gentle encouragement, accountability and support when you need it. 

If you are interested in achieving a healthy weight, creating optimal energy or healing an imbalance or illness, I can help get you there.